Breathing Of My Heart (1 min read)

Hello World!

How are you today? Hope you are doing great today.

This blog-
It’s just related to NOTHING


So many thoughts and ideas come and go like a candle on a Stormy day.
So many thoughts can’t be converted into words.
So many Poems I’ll never post,
Because I can’t get my thoughts to convey in just the way it has to be.
So at the end of the day, it’s just a Draft INCOMPLETE something missing.


Some things are left INCOMPLETE.

Some Relations.

Some Work.

Some Promises.

Some Lies.

Some Truth.

These have been just another PROMISES that couldn’t be completed


Some PROMISES were made with the intention to keep.

Promise to Stay Forever.

Promise of a Helping Hand.

Promise of Security.

Promise of Guiding.

Promise of Staying Strong.

Promise of Listening.

Promise of Compromising.

Promise to Never Leave.

Promises can be BROKEN just as fast as they were made.


Broken by someone close enough and gathered by a stranger.
Feeling of BROKEN in the stormy morning and standing strong crying in the rainy evening.
Feeling of BROKEN down in the middle of an argument and standing strong to say sorry at the end.
Feeling of BROKEN every second and standing STRONG the next minute.


Head up,
Stay Strong,
Fake a Smile,
Move on.

See you soon!
Till then take care and Stay Strong.

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